Terms and conditions

The services I provide are described on this website. All my services are prepaid.

If the service you are seeking is not yet mentioned on this website, please do get in touch so that we can discuss your specific situation.

Once we agree my service and date of delivery, I will provide you with my related quote. As my services are prepaid, I will kindly ask for full upfront payment. Once I receive your payment, I will deliver my service.

All prices shown on this website exclude VAT, as it does not apply to my company status.

Delivery date: please get in touch so that I can inform you of my availability, and together we will agree the date when I will deliver the service.

Payment method: all payments for my services take place by bank transfer, either via this website (Stripe) or based on a quote. I will issue you an invoice upon payment. If I issue you a quote, I will kindly ask you to email back a signed copy of my quote.

Payment date: all payments for my services take place in full prior to the delivery of the service.

Dispute Resolution: