Administrative services

I pride myself on being upfront and simple to work with. Whatever your needs are I have a service or package that works for you.

Here is a selection, of course if you need a different administrative service, please do send me an email.

Your personal consultation

Are you stuck? Your 1 hour consultation meeting (zoom or WhatsApp) where I will cut through the confusion and give you the opportunity to ask all those burning questions. At the end of the meeting, I will provide you with a roadmap of what steps to take in your personal situation.

Total cost: 150€

Your relocation consultation

Are you thinking of relocating to France or have recently moved? Your 1.5 hour consultation (zoom or WhatsApp) where I demystify the French system. I will help you understand what steps to take and in what order. At the end of the meeting, I will provide you with your personalised roadmap.
Total cost: 225€

Your application completed

Do you need a helping hand with an application? After the initial meeting, I will fill out your application, check your supporting documents, and write your covering letter. If you receive any correspondence, I will help you understand it, and will write any additional letter needed to complete your application.
Total cost: 300€

Your préfecture appointment

Do you have an appointment booked with your local Préfecture? Let me help you handle that all-important Préfecture appointment. I will go to the office with you and act as your handling agent, translating and answering questions on your behalf. If any follow-up is needed, I will help you understand what to do next.
Total cost: 400€ (excluding milage costs)

Have you sorted all the paperwork but now want to fully immerse in the French life? I run French immersion courses.