Hey, salut, hoi, hola

I’m glad you found me. My name is Sasha and I am an English / Dutch born, French raised, European living in the beautiful Charente village of Salles-Lavalette. For another version, I am bilingual in both English and French (linguistically and culturally) and I can speak Spanish and Dutch too.


After moving back to France 20 years ago, I began working for a French company and married a French man. As life evolved, so did my plan, and I went on to set up my own business helping likeminded people with the move to France, all whilst being a mother of two. 

Recently, I took on a new challenge! I was hired as project manager by the Franco British Network (a Dordogne based association) to help them run a project, funded by the British government, called UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF). The overarching aim was to provide practical assistance to UK nationals and their families who wished to apply for a Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit in 19 departments of France, including the Dordogne.

I’m here to make your big move to France so much easier. I’ve made the move myself. I know what its like to settle in a country where everything is exciting but challenging all at the same time. And over the years I have become an expert in French paperwork and can demystify French bureaucracy for you. Yes, believe me it’s possible! 

I can also help you develop your French language skills. Yes I can! Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn several languages, using different methodologies, and have spent close to 15 years teaching a foreign language to adults. 

So let me accompany you, either part of the way or all of your journey to achieving your new French life!